Are you ready to leave behind a life full of struggle, stress, anxiety and fear?

Join me and thousands of other people as we take time to nurture our souls with top healers, energy workers, and teachers from around the world.

Reconnect to who you truly are! Find you!

Season 5 of the Be The Change Show is where you can expect to experience 360° to total health and wellness in your life!

Start living your life with your arms wide open! Start saying YES to change from the inside out! You are the CHANGE the world is waiting for. It's time to remember your greatness and the love that you are so you can let your light shine fully.

This season we will be bringing you some amazing speakers that will help you to reconnect with your divine presence, your perfect health, your never ending well of prana/life force/Qi. You will leave each call having more energy, more vibrancy, and knowing what action steps you can take to live a more fulfilling, happier, healthier life.

All of the calls are FREE! Simply sign up today and experience the gift that keeps on giving. Experience yourself in a whole new way! As you grow and change you will notice that you have more energy, you sleep better, you can focus better, your relationships are more peaceful and loving, your aches and pains improve, and so much more...all because you raised your energetic vibration!

It's simple, easy, and fun!

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The time is NOW to grow and expand to new heights not available to us ever before. The world needs you and your gifts, so let's get started!

In this unique event you will learn:

  • How to let go of limiting beliefs and old stories which are holding you back
  • How to connect with your womb to embrace your creative, abundant energies and reclaim your feminine power...your best self
  • How Scalar Energy can not only remove viruses, bacteria and more from your body, but helps to balance your chakras and instill vitamins to every cell of your being
  • How Biofield Energy can help restore health and vitality even for aches and pains which have no apparent diagnosis
  • How Anahata Codes are assisting frequencies which allow you to remember that you are ONE with all. This remembrance brings you true joy, optimism, and expansion
  • How homeopathy is a useful tool for supporting your body in a safe, non toxic way
  • How to live a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams


Are you ready to live a life outside of the “box”?

 Are you ready to step into the life you deserve?

Receive a blessing by me with each call you listen to, whether it be live or recorded!  This blessing will allow you to receive what it is that your spirit needs to hear for your growth!"

**PLEASE NOTE that sometimes what the spirit needs is not what the mind wants!




Dana Smithers

Releasing Trapped Emotions Through Using the Emotion Code Process


Tom Paladino

Scalar Energy


Dr. Jean Logan

Release what is holding you back quickly and easily


Marin Bach Antonson

Heal your Womb ~ Heal your Life

Tanya Michelle

Tanya Michelle

The Mystickal Messenger


Sophia Zoe

Pain to Power: Healing Sexual Abuse with the Pure Energy Program



Remembering Your Magnificence



Start Loving Yourself 100%


Bryan Rawls

Stargates of Ascension


Terrie Burns

The New Economy is the "YOU" Economy


Marjorie Favuzzi

Easing Stress, Powering Up For Change


Keli Meagher

Empowering Medicinals...Homeopathy, the Safe Alternative


Jaden Rose Phoenix

Finding (And Trusting!) Your Inner Guide


Amy Greene

Healing What Your Soul Wants You to Heal

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Learn how to tap into your own
unlimited potential and power!

"I so enjoyed Keli's first season. The information helped me to integrate the healing I was receiving into my own by giving me some new, every day usable tools to explore and use on my own. Thank you for making this possible for all of us."

Best wishes,
Lisa K M.

"Thanks Keli for a great show. I'm now ready to hold hands and jump into a life of brilliant changes. I loved listening to all of the ladies. Just goes to show that there's a teacher(s) out there for each of us. You asked heartfelt questions that had these women talking about their life stories and how they became the teachers of change. It's the sharing of our individual stories that helps us not to feel alone because we certainly are not alone. We've all chosen to be in time and space right now to experience 'The Shift' in consciousness.

Keep up the good work(fun)."