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Join me and thousands of other people as we take time to nurture our souls with top healers, energy workers, and teachers from around the world.

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Season 4 of the Be The Change Show is where you can get ready to experience Self Love and Worthiness in your life!

Start living with your arms wide open to the Universe and say YES!  I am ready for Change, I am the Change, Bring it on!

I am Worthy, I am Lovable, I experience Abundance, my health is Vibrant, my relationships are Loving, I am ONE with everyone and everything.

This is our time to Shine and Bring the Light to ourselves and others. With this season of speakers we will be breaking new ground for ourselves, releasing limiting thoughts, and breaking free from our conditioning.

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Listen to these calls at no cost to you with our experts and experience the gift that keeps on giving.  Experience freedom from lacking self-acceptance, worthiness and love. Relieve yourself of pain and suffering, experience better relationships, greater intuition, more energy, better focus, more happiness, financial prosperity and so much more!


  • How to let go of limiting beliefs about yourself that are holding you back from truly living
  • How to increase Self Love and Worthiness that will directly benefit ALL areas of your life
  • How to live a Life Beyond your Expectations

Everything is Energy!
Your thoughts, feelings, emotions all create your reality. It is time to be a conscious creator. It is time to be the change you want to see in the world!

You Deserve a Life of Love, Grace and Happiness!

Are you ready to live a life outside of the “box”?

 Are you ready to step into the life you deserve?

Receive a blessing by me with each call you listen to, whether it be live or recorded!  This blessing will allow you to receive what it is that your spirit needs to hear for your growth!"

**PLEASE NOTE that sometimes what the spirit needs is not what the mind wants!



Jim Oliver



Dorian Light

The Power of "Grace"


Debora Wayne

Live Pain Free


Juliann Calvert

Embodying all Aspects into the Wholeness of You


Arathi Ma

Enlightened Health


Tom Paladino

Scalar Energy



Re-Claim Your Divine Authentic Confidence and Self Worth


Dr. Jean Logan

Release what is holding you back quickly and easily


Dana Smithers

How To Use the Law of Attraction More Deliberately

Jenny ngo

Jenny Ngo

Transform your Life & Reclaim your Light

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"I so enjoyed Keli's first season. The information helped me to integrate the healing I was receiving into my own by giving me some new, every day usable tools to explore and use on my own. Thank you for making this possible for all of us."

Best wishes,
Lisa K M.

"Thanks Keli for a great show. I'm now ready to hold hands and jump into a life of brilliant changes. I loved listening to all of the ladies. Just goes to show that there's a teacher(s) out there for each of us. You asked heartfelt questions that had these women talking about their life stories and how they became the teachers of change. It's the sharing of our individual stories that helps us not to feel alone because we certainly are not alone. We've all chosen to be in time and space right now to experience 'The Shift' in consciousness.

Keep up the good work(fun)."